Amazing rollercoaster hd 2018 is another version and the latest development from the developer of amazing rollercoaster 2017, this game is another cool simulation game and it has millions of users playing it, sometimes its always fun to picture one self in a rollercoaster.

Time to expect the unexpected from this amazing rollercoaster game, The flying coaster cars that goes around the tracks, it will give you an amazing experience in the world of rollercoasting, download the game and enjoy playing. Its free to play but has some in game purchase (only to those playing the main game) but you can download the mod version which has foreseen every items unlocked.

Amazing Roller Coaster HD 2018 Feature’s

  • Easy to play, hard to avoid
  • Smooth race, brakes & boost buttons
  • Awesome sound tracks and visual effects
  • Addictive game play as distinct from the roller coaster games
  • Incredible opportunity of free rides

Download Links

   Download Mod Apk

You can never get tired playing this game, it has different modes which will just get the fun going on, you can play different modes like Rainy, Thundering and Lightning. Snow Falling. Day and Night. Hills and Theme Parks. Greenland and Water Park. Animal zoo


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