Apshalt 9: legends is the latest heir to asphalt 8 airborne, asphalt series has been widely recognized and i can say one quarter of the world plays this awesome game, now the latest series is just some few days away from getting announced, there have been a lot of excitements from asphalt lovers around the world, asphalt 9 covers more scintillating racing episodes, an advanced gaming graphics, latest super cars and amazing racing tracks, this gives it fans more reason to be excited.

Asphalt 9: Legends Description

In asphalt 9, you’re to duel with the world fearless drivers in different racing categories, with amazing super cars and some coins in the bank, you can upgrade your self into becoming the best and having a spot in the asphalt room of legends, show what you got buy completing daily tasks, weekly tasks and also racing against opponents in the multiplayer mode.

Asphalt 9: Legends Features

  • The Most Prestigious Cars – Get over 50 of the most awesome racing machines in the world, with different races set to commence repeatedly, you can choose different cars for different races, some cars high performance can match any type of racing lineups you might come across.
  • Customization At Your Fingertips – each vehicles are assigned with their respective colours, but tastes might differ, which is why you can use the new car editor to get the exact colour you want for your cars, there are also colours which you can use to make your rims and tires lool more attractive.
  • Mind Blowing Locations – with over 70+ real life racing locations, you can enjoy the experience of racing in the most beautiful places in america, also enjoy the intensity of racing around giant tornadoes and be careful enough to avoid the deadly landslides.
  • Become A Street Legend – start your racing journey by completing over 80 racing competition in career mode and also winning top events, battle against the best and push your self to the top.
  • Strength In Numbers – You can create your own online community where you’ll be able to add hardcore racers like you, interact with them, race against them and also learn many things from them, this feature happens to be available for the first time on any asphalt game.
Download:  Crash of Cars 1.2.32 Apk + Mod Data Download for Android

Asphalt 9: Legends Mod Apk + Obb Download Links

Below you’ll find two download links, one is for the apk and obb file and other one is the direct download page in google playstore, asphalt 9 legends isn’t really available on all countries yet and might not work on all devices, but you can give it a try as it works perfectly on my device. but you’ll need a vpn in order to block your ip address.

   Download Apk + Obb


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