Aug launcher pro is a launcher with unique gestures,  flooded with lots of interesting features, aug launcher will give your device a completely different look, this is one of the best launcher people are talking about now, it has both the free and the paid version.

While the free version is only limited to some certain features, the pro version will work as an unlocker for other features to work, so if you’re looking for the pro version of this launcher, then you’re in the right spot to get it downloaded on your android device.

Aug launcher doesn’t only work as a launcher in some cases, it has other add-ons like app locker, dialler app and other stuffs included, and am sure you’ll get to discover them once you begin to use this pro launcher

Aug Launcher Pro Features

Gestures – your launcher looks old fashioned, irritating and you don’t like it, well welcome a new launcher that’ll give you a whole new experience.

Swipe – getting to use your favourite apps seems to be more easier on this launcher, with just one swipe you can get easy navigations to about 5 apps or more.

User Modes –  two users option can be set, with both guest and admin modes, you can decide which apps appears on guest mode, this option is suitable to those who gives out their phones to different kind of people.

App Locker – want to lock your apps?? No need downloading an extra locker on your phone, this launcher has its on built in launcher and it will lock any app you want, this function works well for the user modes settings.

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Hide Apps – an entirely different feature, doesn’t lock apps rather it makes them invisible, this feature is also nice and it can help you make your apps unseen.

Folder – make apps in folders based on their interest and categories, this will make your device have a clean interface.

Other Features From Aug Launcher Pro Apk


  • Gestures : Save more than 26 gestures,
  • Use Search keys having a length of more than 1 character,
  • Use Gesture for, Open apps, Run Shortcuts, Run AUG L services, Control events (Wifi,Hotspot,etc…)
  • Swipe actions(2 finger).
  • Expand Notifications, Recent apps, Expand Quick settings by Gesture/Swipe.
  • More page animations (Book, One rotate, Fade all, etc…)

Aug Launcher Pro Download Link

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