Clash of kings popularly known as cok is a real time strategy game for android and ios devices, this game is really addictive and its a game where you will build, attack and defend against enemies who are also chasing same goal as you, if you’re a fan of multiplayer games or pvp to be precise, then you will definitely find interest playing this game, conquer to survive or you get conquered and left to start rebuilding.

Download cok now and beging building and fighting, expand your armies in a daily basis and build a strong wall for your castle.

Clash of kings is the perfect building game where you can come against friends and enemies from different part of the world, build your castle and throw up a clash with the enemies. The kingdom is also wide for exploration, attack small enemies castles, plunder their resources and use it to build a stronger castle for your self, put your self in a position to be seen as one of the strongest player in your kingdom.

The fun isn’t even over yet, you can join different alliance and together you can rally on other castles, you can participate in Kingdom events, dragon wars and so much more, you can also exchange resources and also send troops for each other in time of needs, distribute resources also to help build the alliance fort, sawmill, and turrets.


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Feature’s Of Clash Of Kings

Run a King’s Empire in this PVP Action Adventure!

  • Use your best real time PVP strategy to win the war! Clash of Kings is a multiplayer strategy war game all about sending your fighting army against your enemies’ empire.

Free to Play: Multiplayer Online PVP war

  • Empire allies ramp up the PVP action! Join one for protection, deception, to build an empire or to grow your army. Use your fighting army to fight other players online from all around the world! In this real time strategy war game you’ll rise through the ranks to have the strongest kings empire!

Build Massive Empires to Defend a Tower Rush

  • Your fantasy kingdom needs both a strong offense and castle defense. Clash of Kings lets you build massive empires with upgradable buildings and tons of medieval tricks so you can defend your kingdom against an enemy tower rush. Who will attack first, you or your enemies?

Vivid Fantasy Empire Graphics

  • The beautiful scenery and art in Clash of Kings makes playing in this fantasy realm an epic war adventure! Explore the world of endless empires and kingdoms!

Clash of Kings PVP Multiplayer Game Features:

  • Real time strategy multiplayer games and battles! Build an empire and clash with your enemies in a free fantasy kingdom!
  • Gather resources as you build massive empires. Defense against a tower rush is as important attacking an enemy empire.
  • SimCity like city building of your king’s empire! Defend your empire through strong battle strategy! Build a massive empire to build up your army!
  • Enjoy the battle games and PVP action on your mobile phone or tablet! Clash of Kings supports both!
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Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls
Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls

Clash Of Kings latest Apk
Clash Of Kings
Clash Of Kings latest Apk
Clash Of Kings

As you grow big everyday and join alliance and having more allies to support you, you’ll see have enemies who will want to haunt you down as well, so you have to be extra careful, you can download and play clash of kings for free, but this game has some in gane items which can be purchased with real money, grow big and conquer your enemies and don’t try playing without joining and alliance cause you won’t survive on your own.



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