Crash of cars is an addictive racing game for android devices and also it features a real time multiplayer, its a cool game though and all you just need to do is gather as much crowns as you can get, you’re going to be provided with competitions too so you have to be real quick.

Its a duel competition, you’re surrounded by other players and you all want to get the crowns but the one with the higher crown gets to stay on top of the leaderboard, make sure you don’t lack power-ups and let destroying of other players cars be your hobby.

This game was developed by the developers of earn to die which is also an interesting game, so don’t hesitate to click the download buttons.

Crash Of Cars Feature’s

  • 4 Maps to enjoy REAL TIME Multiplayer battles
  • 30+ unlockable cars across 4 different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • 30+ Skins to customise your cars with. Pepperoni Skin on the Camper Van is quite a tasty choice.
  • 16 Upgradable Power-Ups, including a flamethrower, cannon, trebuchet, and more.
  • Play with Friends feature. There’s nothing more fun than destroying your friends
  • Mission System
  • Hourly Leaderboard and Google Play Game Services support
  • Single Player mode also available
  • New Content Coming Soon!

Download Links

   Download Mod Apk

   Download Data

Crash of Cars
Crash of Cars
Developer: Not Doppler
Price: Free+


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