death invasion is a classic action game for android devices, its a zombie survival game and it is really cool to play, you’re in a small town that is being dominated by the walking dead, and this comes as a problem cause the longer you stay, the higher your chances of getting infected increases, and to survive you must arm your self with some good weapons then begin your journey of survival.

You need to be ruthless and should not be affected emotionally, the zombies aren’t that nice and so should you, you need more bullets, never stop shooting because thats the only way.

In this game you will also need support and to do that you have to look for survivors who you can form a group with, and to survive together you must kill together, gather weapons, fuels and other stuffs. The battle never stops as long as the walking dead still keep possession of some places, you have to fight alongside your teammates, get kitted up with some good combat equipments like helmet and many more.

Death Invasion : Survival Feature’s

  • HD battle scene
  • Real story dialogue
  • Rich gear system
  • Awesome shooting
  • Free-moving third-person shooting game
  • Adjust the shooting feel of the firearm, including the jitter of the sight, the expansion and jitter of the screen.
  • added 10 new levels
  • Optimized the story of the previous 10 levels and modified some of the animations.
  • increase the boss drop reward
  • the settings interface has increased the option of automatic shooting and manual shooting

Download Links

   Download Mod Apk

Download:  FRAG Pro Shooter 1.0.7 Apk Download for Android

Death Invasion : Survival
Death Invasion : Survival
Developer: JoyMore GAME
Price: Free+

Download the apk and enjoy non stop action, this game has been modified so any in game purchase won’t be necessary.


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