Doodle army 2 also called mini militia is the addictive game everyone has been talking about lately, it’s a good game and that’s why everyone plays it, if you’re looking for doddle army 2 mini militia mod version, then you’re in the right spot to download it.

Doddle Army 2 Mini Militia Description

Just like any online games you might have come accros, doddle army features same similarities with all online games, its a local online game where 2-6 players can play together, there’s also solo gampeplay if you wish to play alone.

Doddle army 2 has a lot intense combat series, you can train your self while off-line but will need to be connected to internet to enjoy the better features of this game, there are lots of skills, big guns and nice doddle characters, you should prepare for war in this game because other players won’t take it easy with you.

Doddle Army 2 Mini Militia Features

  • Many Guns – just like every other online games, doddle Army 2 Mini Militia also has a lot of guns, there are heavy guns like snipers, assualt rifles, shortgun and mini guns.
  • Multiplayer – about 2-6 players can all play together using the local Wi-Fi, becomes very addictive when you play with friends.
  • News And Info – ever needing help or want to read an important news regarding this game, you can easily read from the settings menu.
  • Zoom Options – there’s now a default settings that’ll automatically save your zoom options between Max and smart.

   Download Mod Apk

Download and enjoy fun on this game, it is safe and you won’t be banned.


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