Epic Battle Simulator 2 mod apk is another semi-action game, in this game, you’ll have an insight on game strategies. There’s maybe little difference from the first edition of this game which is Epic battle simulator, this game will give you all the fun you need, it’s very addictive and it presents an accurate battle simulation.

You’re to form a strategy, choose your soldier and place them on the field and make them fight for you against enemies, you can play custom levels and you can also go head to head with other players in a real-time multiplayer mode.

Upgrade your armies, beat the best and push your ranks to the top in the leaderboard, everything about this game seems lovely, the graphics is high definition, the controls are adaptive and the sound has more quality than expected and the also uses internet.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Features

Advanced Army Placement – when preparing for a battle, rather than doing the army placement your self, which will take some time, your armies will be automatically placed for you and all you need to just do is move each armies to their respective categories.

Sound And Music – just as I’ve said, this game has good sound and it also has database for music and you’ll get to enjoy varieties of music when playing the game.

Higher Ranks & Matchmaking – win battles and gain more military ranks, but these will also have an effect on you when you want to play against other players online, the higher your ranks, the more the difficulty during matchmaking.

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Smarter Troops – want to win more battles accurately, well you’ll get to place smart troops on the battlefield, this wil only increase your chances of winning more battles.

Quality Graphics – catch a glimpse of the quality graphics in this game when you are on battlefield,  this game graphics bolters an high definition mode and it makes the game more cool.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Download Link

Epic battle simulator 2 mod apk
Epic Battle Simulator 2

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