Epsxe emulator lets you play playstation games on your android device, you’re going to be downloading an emulator which is well coded to run psx and also psOne games, this emulator is the perfect candidate for that, we have seen the likes of ppsspp talking the post of running psp games, epsxe is just a different version which plays different game.

Sometimes its good to go back to the old games we use to play, even before the popular xbox or even ps3-4 arrived, there have been the first generation of gaming consoles before them, we have the Sega, PsOne and Psx, and these consoles does have old games one will like to play.

Epsxe is designed to run games like crash team racing, tekken 3 , driver 2 , mortal kombat 4, streets of Rage 2 and so on, all these games will run smoothly on this emulator, the controls are much adaptive and the sounds are as realistic as ever.

Features In Epsxe Android Apk

  • Cheat codes
  • Touch controls
  • Ability To Play Psx And PsOne games
  • Supports OpenGL HD enhanced graphics

Epsxe Download Link

Epsxe Emulator

Download the apk file from the download link below, this emulator does not provide games for users, so therefore you’ll have to download any game you want to play your self.

   Download Apk

ePSXe for Android
ePSXe for Android
Price: $3.75


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