Eyes the scary horror game is the perfect adventure horror game for those who don’t get scared of horrors, this game is quite scary and isn’t recommended for everyone, but nevertheless its a game with interesting story.

Its time to experience darkness and still plotting an escape plan from the scary ghost and the never tired jumpscares, eyes is very horrific to play, but still very fun and looks addictive to some.

Time to face the grave danger that appears in form of ancient haunting phantom Charlie and bloodthirsty, vengeance-seeking monstrosity Krasue with macabre, bizarre appearance (doesn’t end here as there will be new ghost and monsters to be added).

There are abandoned places that needs exploration, the mansion seems empty and so is the hospital, take your touch and begin to explore and plunder these places one by one.

Locations unique features can actually work to your advantage, the mystical powers of the eyes can be used as well, that will give you the ability to know whats in a monsters mind, potions like apothecary can be consumed for gaining of some enhancements which works temporary, check the map to plan your movement around this scary places.

You’re about to step into an atmosphere filled with horror and terror, the unsettling music and the scary ghost voices and sounds will make you tensed, be prepared.

The game gets more interesting when you put up a challenge against other players in the endless mode, you can gain lots of achievements and also climb to the top of the global leaderboards.

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The Horror Game Features

Beat Of Other Players –  other players want to be on top, you want to be on top, but only the winner claims the top spot, in front of you comes an intensive challenge from other players, show them who’s the boss by winning as much as you can.

Explore And Plunder – search through the abandoned houses and hospitals to get more items that’ll help you in your quest for escaping.

Potion And Powers – the ghosts and monsters are not in mood for play, they are ruthless, you can take potions that will help you read minds of this evil creatures.

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