Gt racing turbo stunts is one of the best racing stunt game you might have come across, with good graphics and easy controls, this stunt car racing game is quite lovely and very addictive.

In this game you have to win as much as you can, with competition provided by other opponents, the heat gets to be more intense, feel the new concept of the real racing and some of the most wanted stunts, vehicles like the extreme gt turbo will race against real pixel cars which are quite stronger and faster than yours, but you have to be smart enough to out run and crash any cars that tries to duel with you.

Win and claim prices, get more and more xp points for purchasing some of the locked vehicle’s, some other vehicles can also be unlocked with real money that costs about $3, only if you’re not playing the mod version, but downloading the mod version here has foreseen every paid features unlocked for free.

GT Racing Turbo Stunts Feature’s

  • 5 Different Tracks
  • Car selection in the main menu
  • 10 Enjoyable Cars
  • If you slip from the track game will fail
  • Max 3 Opponents
  • Auto Nitro
  • Different Camera Angles
  • Press Button to Accelerate the car
  • Tilt, Buttons and Steering for right and left
  • Press the Brake button to slow down
  • Real Drive and very excellent vehicle Physics

Download Links

   Download Mod Apk

GT Racing Turbo Stunts
GT Racing Turbo Stunts
Developer: MadCap Games
Price: Free+


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