Hustle castle fantasy kingdom is a role playing game on android, in this game you will play a role and from the role playing, you will come across a traveling merchant who will offer you quality goods which each price looking considerable, the new summer chest has some sets of beautiful set of armor and weapon and also some new pets, its time to get stronger and richer.

Become the master of a real medieval castle, new subjects will come your way every day, you must be ready to accept each one of them, assign them to their respective duties, train and be a protector to your men and women, disobey your rivals and law of physics as you begin to build and upgrade your fortress.

This game is really cool, all you have to do is work hard and get rich and have a generation, you’ll build a dating room for your subjects, watch them have children and once the children grows to an age, they’ll begin serving you.

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Features

  • Story-driven campaign. In hundreds of missions your heroes fight orcs, giants, skeletons and even dragons! Battle magic, cold steel and cunning strategy
  • the end justifies the means!
  • Castle construction. Build new rooms for your stronghold and upgrade the existing ones. You’ve got all you need to create a dream castle! Begin the construction now!
  • Developing the villagers. Each of your subjects can learn new skills and wear any equipment. Train great warriors and scribes… and then swap them with each other!
  • Multiplayer. Get medieval! Burn and plunder the castle of someone you don’t like… And you don’t like all of them, right?
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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom
Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom



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