Infinity run, if you’re looking for one of the best addictive music games, then you should definitely play this game, its a cool game which has a lot of fans playing it right now.

In infinity run, you will be playing with a lot of balls which are very different from each other, their differences ranges from shapes, colours and each of these balls will pass through a slope as it races for it player to rush on.

This game tends to unleash the possible best experience for players in terms of the global championship which comes up this year, there’s much new update in the game now, there’s a new football background and a new football fight songs and different 3 ball shapes

With an aim to bring the best experiences for players in term of the global football championship which is happening this year, the game has just been updated with one new football background, together with 2 new football fight songs and 3 new shapes of ball.

Infinity run is one of the most addictive music games and almost everyone who plays it has a good review about the game.

Infinity Run Feature’s

  • Complete 100 amazing challenges
  • Ranks up by gathering XP
  • Collect 50 balls (including 5 secrets)
  • Receive daily rewards
  • Unlock 25 ball race
  • Compare your high score with players worldwide
  • Catch up with the most skillful players worldwide

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