Legend of ace welcomes you to the worlds first moba + tcg mobile game and of course its one of the 2018 latest multiplayer game on android, it’s fair and it has lots of fun to offer, this game is really cool and the graphics is great, the audio sound has some quality in it and of course the touch controls are easy and adaptive.

Time to grow a team filled with 17+ super heroes, these heroes are real and they will make you and your friends enjoy the fun in pvp endless intensive fighting, fight more, win more and receive many awards like never before.

Legend Of Ace Feature’s

Fair Play, Quick Play

  • 5 to 10 minutes, ultra-fast paced game, for the free time.
  • Fair play, no need to worry about others, only care about the battle.

Classic MOBA designed for mobile phones

  • Push,jungle,gank,teamwork..showing a complete Classic MOBA play.

Teamwork and Strategy

  • Tank, control, healing.. become an indispensable member of your team.
    Set up your clan guild, make friends, battle together!
  • Choose tanks, mages, assassins, shooters marksman , supports and other special heroes to lead your team to victory!

Special TCG system

  • Hundreds of cards in the game, provide heroes with a free direction. That is not only change heroes ‘attack and defensive attributes.
  • Even provide new skills! Players are free to choose cards , fully experience the fun of the strategy!

Fun Achievement System shows yourselves on the leaderboards

Players achieve specific goals within the game to unlock the achievements, access to special reward. Join the world rankings, show off your strength to all!

Download:  World of Warships Blitz 1.7.0 Full Apk + Data Download

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Legend of Ace
Legend of Ace
Price: Free+


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