Light a way is an adventure addictive android game, with over 500k preregister users before the game was released, everyone loves to play this game cause its fun.

The sun has been overshadowed by darkness, and the darkness wants nothing but to consume the light of humanity, now everyone looks up to you the guardian with the magical staff of flare, one way or the other light must be restored and the darkness should be sent away, everyone looks up to you and you mustn’t let them down.

Light must return to the world, you have to channel the light powers, as the enemies approach, tap to radiate flares on them, add more power to your self by adding more magical artifacts to your self, help send darkness far a way.

Light A Way Feature’s

Build Your Own Guardian – Choose strategically from 90 different Bonds with your Fairies to strengthen and customize your character stats!

Adorable Companions – Collect all 30 squishy little Lumi friends with a total of 240 skills to assist you on your journey!

Customizable Light Magic – Learn 6 signature spells and develop your own spellcasting style from 18 specialisations!

Weapons of Light – Equip your Staffs empowered by Lightstone combinations to defeat the shadows!

Light Up the World – Save the world, receive incredible rewards, and awaken as an even more powerful Guardian of Light!

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Light a Way
Light a Way
Price: Free+


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