Musixmatch premium apk let’s you enjoy wide range of unlimited lyrics at the go, being the only lyrics provider with the largest lyrics database, you’ll sure get any music lyrics you want, you can download musixmatch premium apk for free here, this has a lot of features compared to the free version, you’ll love this version a lot.

Musixmatch Apk Features

  • Third-party Streaming – musixmatch is also a music player, but it can also show lyrics even when you’re not streaming music with it’s app, musixmatch works on Spotify, apple, SoundCloud, YouTube and other music platform you can name.
  • Floating Lyrics Widget – when playing any songs in background, with or without the musixmatch app, it will display a floating icon on your home screen, clicking it will immediately show you the lyrics of the current track you’re listening to, it can also show lyrics when your device screen is locked.
  • Easy Search – you can easily search for any of your favourite songs with the title, artists name or even a single line of lyrics will get you any songs you want.

Other Things Musixmatch Let’s You Do

  • Musixmatch let’s you skip through a song easily via the notification bar.
  • You can easily share your songs lyrics in background with the lyrics card features helping in the process.
  • You can play, pause or listen to next or previous songs right from your home lock screen.
  • You can fetch a song info or change it’s cover art to another one if you don’t like the current one.
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Musixmatch Premium Apk Features

  • No Ads – you can enjoy the premium version of musixmatch without being disturbed by those annoying ads that pops up almost everytime.
  • Off-line Lyrics – enjoy your favourite lyrics on the go, every songs you listen to and every lyrics you read will be saved automatically and even when off-line you will be able to see them when playing songs.
  • No Payment Commitment – just in case you get tired of using musixmatch, you can cancel your account at any convenient time.

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Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music


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