Overdrive ninja shadow revenge takes you back the future when science was put into practice and foreseen a creation of a specie with human parts, technology and black metal, and they got named by the government as shadow cyborg, and every part of the government sector got their own shadow security force and they all fall under the control of the headquarters in the century city.

Everything had gone well according to plan, bur it all changed when the headquarters fell under an attack by a dark clan.

Your journey begins from the dark forest where you will come across bad enemies and dangerous traps, in this battle you’re embarking on, you must make use of your skills for avoiding being struck by an attack, and also make superb combos.

Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge Features

  • Playable OFFLINE
  • Smooth game control experience
  • Discover poweful combos in each weapon, make game full of fun and suprising.
  • Upgrade, customize & equip your hero with epic weapons & armor suits and more!
  • Ultra-stunning scifi graphic & effect
  • Giant boss with unique attack.

Fighting Of Overdrive Game

  • The screen will get locked when enemies appear in the screen & you need to destroy numerous waves of enemies to continue going ahead.
  • Using avoiding skills to survive? Killing enemies madly?
  • Exploiting traps & platforms to kill them
  • There are many strategies to handle them.


Not only combat but also challenge your self to complete each level with many dangerous platforms.


  • Using different weapons ( Sword, Buster Sword, Spear,…) with their perfect combos bring unforgettable hack and slash game experience.
  • Players can pick their best weapons and also upgrade weapons to unlock new stronger combos.
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  • Amazing scifi high quality graphic makes sure you will be surprised.
  • It’s 2 available modes to set suitable graphic for your phone.

Download Links

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Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge
Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge


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