Prey day is an interesting  mmorpg zombie survival game and also a co-operative play, this game is based on shooting and also involve strategy, so a player must be good in shooting and at the same time should be super strategic.

The task for all survivors is to stay alive till solution is being provided to the zombies and mutants dominating every corners of the world, you have to kill as much as you can before they kill you.

After a viral outbreak of an unknown virus, the world has become an harbour for the living dead, now its time to put in some eradication before everything gets wiped out.

Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie Feature’s

Beware Of Other Survivors – Your enemies are holding knives ready to push it into your back at any moment. You are alone against an army of the zombies in this online action survival strategy game with RPG elements. Your main goal is to survive no matter the cost. Kill zombies, the mutants, and other enemies, or you will die.

Join A Clan, Kill Zombies Together – Join your clan mates on clan-wide raids against zombie bosses, shoot and kill them zombies dead! The bigger and tougher your clan, the more chances you have to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. That’s the most effective strategy in this MMORPG zombie shooter.

Crafting And More Crafting – Explore locations thoroughly for basic resources, research new crafting recipes, make deadly weapons and other traps and tricks against mutants, zombies and the rest of your enemies.

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Discover And Explore New Territories! – Explore whole city blocks, supermarkets, hospitals and military bases filled with those who have survived in this apocalyptic game. Find valuable resources or take them by force. Don’t miss valuable resources! You will need them to craft and survive.

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Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie
Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie


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