Traffic Tour is the latest  endless arcade racing game in play store, and this racing game is ready to take you to a different level of smooth driving simulations in a realistic graphics. Your car is on the highway, drive endlessly in the busy roads, go ahead of the traffic in different types of challenges, collect different types of blueprints, Unlock new cars and upgrade both the new and old cars you have, you can also play against your friends, there are different camera modes that’ll suit your gameplay, and you’ll also get a unique driving experience, show who’s the boss by winning versus matches against your friends and also winning normal challenges that’ll push you to the leader board.

Traffic tour is a real-time online multiplayer pvp racing game, where you have lots of cars and you only need to select one and challenge your friends, with over 100s of missions available for you to play, win more and get more famous, challenge friends by sending and accepting friend requests.

Traffic Tour Apk Key Features

Ride On – Never worry about fuel or playing time limit, you can ride for as long as you wish until you get caught up.

Different Camera Modes – depending on how you want your game play camera mode to be, you can use different camera modes like 1st person camera mode or even 2nd to 3rd person camera mode.

Different Game Play Mode –  to give you more fun and also to keep your mood in the game, never settle for less cause in this game you can play up to 5 different game modes, you can play time trial, free run and so many more

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Realistic Graphical Environments – drive in different locations and also in different weathers, the highway and also the snow that falls looks very real and gives the game  a different experience.

Cars And Upgrades – with over 20 cars in car garage, you can make different selections of the car you want, you can as well make upgrades and even collect more blueprints to unlock more cars.

Multiplayer Mode -challenge your friends and also other players from different part of the world, its easier than ever, compete, win and get famous.

Traffic Tour Apk Download Link

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