Transit king tycoon is a building simulation game for android where you will have to be the builder of an empire of your much anticipated dreams, build and and become a proper transport tycoon,Transit King Tycoon is a free business simulation game on android but has some in game purchases, but no purchase on the mod version.

Become a popular figure in the growing city, the city needs items, minerals and materials, and all you have to do is process these products from raw materials to consumable items, you need to get lots of trucks, transport goods from one places to another, you can also buy dogs to help you out in transportation of goods and if they become too slow, you can always make an upgrade on them so they can work more effectively.

There are lots of opportunities in the city, make easy way for goods to be supplied to those who needs them, build road networks so goods can be moved to factories with easy, buy and upgrade busses so goods can get into the city, the city wants to turn into a mega city and you can build your own fortune from that.

Transit King Tycoon Transport Empire Builder Features

  • Transform your island’s towns into megapolises with skyscrapers
  • Turn farm products into yummy goods like cakes and juices
  • Process minerals from mines into high-tech thingies
  • Build and upgrade roads all the way up to multi-lane freeways
  • Complete your collection of big trucks and buses
  • Level up to get the best vehicles and unlock the entire island
  • Want to idle a while – set up long routes and watch the coins roll in
Download:  Pocket City 0.1.120 (Free) Apk for Android

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