Trivia Crack is your favourite trivia game which you can play alone or even play with friends, this game consists of six different categories which are: geography, history, art & literature, science and technology, entertainment, and sports. all you’ll need to do is to collect all characters that does correspond to each one of the categories. You are going to spin the wheel and where the spinning stops will decide which category you’ll have to answer. When spinning the wheel and the wheel stops at the special slot, you’ll get to play for any character of your choice.

Trivia Crack isn’t all about getting knowledge, its also a game with a lot of strategic features, when you play against an opponent, you can steal characters from them if you challenge them on a duel match, this game is very much addictive and fun to play, show who’s the boss by winning every challenges that comes your way.

Trivia Crack 2.77.0 Apk Features

Lots Of Exciting Questions – don’t get stucked answering the same question all over again, trivia crack has a wide range of questions to help you keep the fun going, every challenges comes with a different question entirely.

Over 20 Game Languages –  from english to french or maybe spanish, never get lost when you don’t understand a specific language, this game offers up to 20 different languages for you and this will help keep you in the game.

Game Chat With Opponents – before going head to head with your opponents, you can always get to know them, talk to them about the game and also boast of you winning the challenge even before it starts, its as cool as ever and this can also be a potential way of getting friends from different countries.

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Collectable Card Collections – collect cards as much as you can, from each cards you’ll get to learn whole lots of stuffs.

Trivia Crack Apk

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